Saturday, 4 October 2008

Time flies..........

where does it all go I wonder, it simply disappears before you've realised it never to be seen again. It all started with a craft day on qvc on Tuesday, 17 hours of live shows, heaven. Like some obsessed woman I sat there in front of tv with computer on in my PJs excitedly watching for items that I just had to have! This I did non stop for 7 hours before realising I'd run out of milk and was still undressed! I looked at the rest of the planned shows and picked one that I wouldn't mind missing as my chance to go out and get supplies. (I did get dressed first, honest) There surely must be a cure for this affliction that I have ;o) But I love it, I just love to watch programmes about pretty papers, ribbon and embellishments dreaming of all the wonderful things I could make with it. I love to walk around stationers or any stationery dept in a store and just wonder at all the lovely paper, pens, files and the like.
When did this obsession with paper start? Well I know I have always written lists for everything (something I inherited from my father) and then when I got my first job as PA and found myself in charge of the stationery cupboard for the Directors I would order everything and stock up like there were going to be rations or something, and that was just plain old white and buff stationery!! I've always had more pens than is really necessary for one person and just how many notebooks does one really need? At least now I knock up my own pretty journals for a fraction of what I used to hand over for them and although they are not always perfect they are the best things ever that I have written in.
So to go back to my original title, paper makes time fly for me!! What makes time fly for you?

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  1. I do love paper too ! And pens, I like for my pens to write a certain way .I usually doodle alot when I am on the phone!


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