Thursday, 23 October 2008

My favourite Childhood book, ahh the memories...

Do you have a book from your childhood that stands out from all others with the lasting impression it made on you? For me it was "Little Women and Good Wives". I remember reading this book and the longing I had to be living in the world of "Jo" and her "sisters". It all seemed so warm and secure, images of them all chatting away whilst carrying out intricate embroidery around a warm log fire, the sound of a mantle clock ticking in the background and smells of baking wafting in from the kitchens. Oh how I wished to be there with them, sometimes it felt like I really was, but then I would awake in the mornings to find myself in my 60s family home my sister just across the room from me asleep in her bed. Now why the reminiscing you may ask? well I was in my local charity store today with my mum and we were looking for interesting cookery books to display on her new kitchen shelving when I spied some old leather bound books on the shelf above. I picked the nicest looking one up for a look and to my surprise it was a 1954 edition of you've guessed it "little women and good wives"!!

I squealed with delight and began to stroke the cover, flicking through the pages and breathing in the aroma that only old books have. Straight away I was back there with Jo and her sisters, aah the comfort that brings! Still smiling at my find I paid for the book and stowed it safely in my handbag, my mind filled with the anticipation of reading this at bedtime. I might even have to put on my most vintage nightwear in honour of Jo and her sisters! Childhood books and lasting impressions, what were yours?

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