Sunday, 4 January 2009

Blogger List dissappeared

Logged on for a little light reading this afternoon only to find my blogger list was completely empty!!! My little heart sank ;o( But then I remembered my 'history' button on firefox and spent the next hour trawling through and revisiting/adding the blog links...... phew!! I think I've managed to capture them all. Have now copied a list of them all to my harddrive incase the blogger gremlins catch me again!

So calm is restored to my blogger land, I can now relax and go make a cup of tea before tackling the task of taking down the decorations. I really am going to label the boxes this year, my poor nephew had a hell of time in the loft with me shouting 'they must be there somewhere, what about that box, oh okay well what about over there then.............' For a 17 year old he was very patient with me. Ooh and he's got his driving test in 9 days, wow that's crept up on us. He's so going to pass ;o)


  1. Hi, Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.. I've just had a nosey through yours - can't believe I haven't been on here before, its fab! & will be going straight into my faves.


    P.s. I love the pink pressies!

  2. Thanks for the timely reminder to save my favourites!


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