Sunday, 11 January 2009

Fresh Start

I've been in clearing out mode recently and as part of that decided I wanted my blog to be more streamlined. Hence the revert back to a classic template with white background. Unfussy is the theme for me at the moment, it seems to be helping my mind focus that more easily. A blog that inspired me for this look was Stamping for Sanity. It's not as plain as mine she has a fabulous tab system at the top of the page which I love but have no idea how to do. I definitely need to learn more about blog modification.

Another blog layout that I love for it's simplicity is Pink Petticoat, in fact I love everything about this blog, especially her beautiful product designs. Am already building up a collection of them!

Am currently having a bit of crafting time this afternoon, QVC have a 2 hour show on which I am watching in my craft room. So with my new clear mind am off to make some birthday cards for my nan who is going to be 84 this Wednesday but honestly she looks about 10 years younger than that and still glamorous!!


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  1. Wow, that's cool that my blog design inspired you!! and now I've gone and changed it ... hopefully it still fits!

    I found my blog template at a place called Our Blogger Templates. It's not too terribly hard to change, just takes a lot of patience!


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