Thursday, 15 January 2009

My Nan's Birthday

My lovely nan turned 84 yesterday and all the family went round there for dinner. She lives with my mum (who is her daughter) in a house just 2 mins from mine which is great. My sister also lives a few doors away from them so as you can tell we are a very close knit family.

A couple of cards that I made for her in her favourite colour of lilac. On the card from me there is some glitter stripes at the top which were done using some very fine lilac glitter that I'd forgotten I had! Too much stash!

We all had a lovely dinner then it was cake all round. This was my first attempt at baking using my newly acquired Magimix which my other half got me for Xmas. Think it turned out okay, well everyone's plates were empty.

The recipe came from my fave cake book 'How to be a Domestic Goddess, by Nigella Lawson'.

With bellies full we all watched while she opened her pressies, sat chatting for a while and watching my mum's ginger cat promptly knock all her cards down! He never gets told off though, oh to be a cat! She had some lovely flowers next to her fireplace so just had to photograph them.

Then it was off back to my house to feed my pussycats, I have 3, Levi, Morgan and Alfie. I made myself a lovely cuppa only to remember that I had left my extra slice of cake at my mums............. biscuits it is then xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday to Nan! Your card is beautiful and so is that cake!!! I had to reach for something to wipe my mouth with when I saw that photo!!!


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