Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Been a good daughter today

My lovely mum is redecorating her bedroom, it hasn't been done since we last did it together 7 years ago. Luckily she lives very near me so I have been over there all of today helping her. Of course we would have to pick one of the warmest days so far to start and her bedroom has the sun it all day!

This lovely wallpaper by Monsoon is going on the wall behind her bed.

But in the colourway below (couldn't find a full piccie in the right colour)

The other walls are to be painted a neutral colour with all the woodwork in white. She has a built in wardrobe for which we have ordered these lovely glass door knobs, just divine.
Her old wooden bedframe is to be given the white treatment and she is making the roman blinds herself for the large bay window, very good at sewing my mummy, she made my sisters bridesmaids dresses, my nieces prom dresses to name but a few.

After doing the prep work and painting the ceiling and walls today in white we are now ready to put the new colour on tomorrow. Boy I hope my arm and shoulder have recovered by then! I love this bit as this is when it all starts to look like it will finally come together. I have some piccies of her old room somewhere and will be taking some of the new one so look out for these in a future post.

I love helping my mum, she is such a star and does soooooooo much for me and everyone else you wouldn't believe. Always puts other people first, she is amazing. Love her to the moon and back!

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