Sunday, 19 April 2009

Boot Sale - some goodies

The forecast was good, so I picked up my mum and off we went to a couple of boot sales. It was jolly breezy and not very warm first thing but we managed to find some goodies.

Really love this shelf unit, a bit of paint and it will look lovely with my small jars of buttons and glitter on - £2.50!

Have always wanted one of these baskets and the hooks are great too - 70p the lot!

This jug reminded me of one my nan had, it's to put my flowers in on kitchen table - 20p!

Just had to have this dress coz the fabric is so pretty - 50p!

Lastly this picture frame, with a little love and that hideous painting removed it will be fab - free!

My mum got some lovely bits for herself too including an old fashioned wooden high chair for £3.00. All in all a good morning out and just as we were heading back, yep the sun came out!


  1. Oh my goodness what a lovely lot of things you got! and at such bargain prices. Love them all!

  2. oh gosh!!! what bargains...everything such treasures and the basket reminded me of domestic science..when i took home the pies...shame i ate them before i got there lol!!!!!

  3. Wow!! Fabulous finds, and so cheap too. I really love the frame.

  4. Hiya, thankyou for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog, it really made me smile :) I love your bootsale bargains, especially the shelf at the top - what a bargain! Well done xx


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