Monday, 6 April 2009

Crochet Blanket - it's finished

A few weeks ago I gave you all a sneek peak of my first attempt at crocheting a babies blanket from a 1950s pattern, see here. Well I have finally finished it! Once I got into it I really enjoyed doing the pattern and will be using it again. I made the border up myself, which is not perfect but it does the job. More importantly my mum is very happy with it and can't wait to put it on her moses basket.

Just need to place between two damp towels and pull into shape, at least that's what my Aunt told me to do so hope its right. It is ever so slightly wonky you see, not sure how that happened ;o)

I am now looking for some nice soft white wool to make a cushion front for my bedroom. My hands are already getting fidgety at night with nothing to crochet, I was amazed at how quickly I got hooked (excuse the pun!) on it.

I also want to do some irish roses so if any of you lovely bloggers know of any sites that have any patterns for these I would really appreciate it if you could leave me a comment pointing me in the right direction ;o)

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  1. Love the pink blanket! My crochet book doesn't have a pattern for Irish roses, but I found a free pattern for the same here:

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