Saturday, 23 May 2009

Back from Hols! This is piccie heavy!!

I must confess I have been back a few days but it has taken me a while to get back in the swing of things over here, you know how it is after a holiday ;o) Looks like you have all been busy, I've got loads to catch up on!

At Luton Airport I was a tad nervous to say the least, stomach churning and all that. Unrealistic I know but just can't help it now. The flight wasn't too bad though, quite bumpy but nothing major. The feeling of relief when we landed was amazing and I immediately started smiling and chattering.

My OH and I have this routine of no matter what time of day we land we always go to this lovely hotel on the beach for a drink.

This is the view from the terrace that we ate at, just stunning.

It was dark by the time we left there and the holiday had defo started!

After much needed rest the following day we wanted to go and see this place called Guadalest up in the mountains that is renowned for it's stunning resevoir and castle. And they have just launched a solar powered boat that takes 60 people around the resevoir lasting 50 minutes.

We stopped at Alicante marina on the way which is just full of the most expensive boats and is where the Audi Med Cup sailing race starts from.

Beautiful view of the boats

Med cruise ship, would love to do that one day!

Oh this is me and my OH's reflection at the Alicante Casino on the pier

Next stop enroute to Guadalest was to see the longest/cleanest beach in the Med (so I am told). It is just 5mins from Alicante and I have to say it took our breath away. My friend and I just stood there on the wooden slatted walkway staring in awe of it. The sea was glistening under the suns rays, the sand was pure white and oh so fine and stretched for miles, 7kms to be exact and it is 85 metres wide. It was not crowded at all, I don't see how it ever could be it's that big!

Here's a view looking back towards Alicante - now that's a beach!

Every so often there are a few quaint beach huts (want, want one of these!)

We all decided that on our next visit we would be spending some more time here, well the girls did anyway, the boys can go off and amuse themselves elsewhere!

Right, I am just getting to the Guadalest piccies and there are quite a few I want to share. However I think in the interests of not sending my readers boggle eyed I'll do a separate post for the rest of the trip ;o)

Hopefully I haven't bored you all too much, at least it's not like when you go to someones house and they get the holiday piccies out and there is no escaping them ;o) xxx

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