Sunday, 24 May 2009

Boot Sale Sunday

As promised here are my finds from today's trip out with my mum. It was a scorcher and so glad we went to the early one as by 10am it was getting hot hot!!

First up is this gorgeous chalk board! I have wanted one of these for my kitchen for ages but all the modern ones have such plain frames on them.

Am liking the pig I think

Here he is close up, aaah.

Next I spied this picture frame sitting in a 25p for anything box. And when I pulled it out there was a lovely shabby pink rose in the middle

Frame has a few knocks but nothing a bit of filler won't fix

Lastly, yes only 3 items today, were these large index cards which will be perfect for my large wooden recipe box, which I've still to makeover!

Oops, why does blogger do that sometimes, it's the right way round on my PC, honest guv!

So there you have it, this week's update with a grand total of £2.45 spent. xx

PS - we went for the bacon rolls but never again, undercooked and fatty, big disappointment and cost at a fiver. It's homemade sarnies for us from now on, or MacDonalds need to keep their breakfast menu running till midday on a Sunday!

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