Thursday, 28 May 2009

Shabby Chic Bedspread from Matalan!!

Have been a bit lazy lately, no crafting since I got back from holiday, just can't get into the swing of it and the weather has been sooo lovely I haven't wanted to sit in my craftroom and miss it in case this is our summer!

So I thought I would show you something I bought a few weeks ago. There is a retail park not far from me which I visit sometimes in the evenings when it's nice and quiet. My main reason for popping there is TKMaxx, one of my fave places to rummage. You never know what you are going to find as they are constantly changing their stock. Obviously the house section upstairs is my fave place. At the opposite end of the retail park is Matalan, I rarely go there as I normally end up spending far too much time in TKMaxx and have to dash off. But on my last visit I went to Matalan first as was looking for a few bits for my recent holiday. And boy am I glad I did as in their home section they had the most gorgeous bedspreads.

They were hanging up at the back of the cushion section and I could so easily have missed them. There were two designs, one very cath kidston with blue background and pink cabbage roses and the other more laura ashley. I ummed and aahed and ummed and aahed some more and finally, based on what I already had I went for this one.

It cost £30, yes you did hear that right, and measures 180x240cm and they also did matching cushions for £6 but if you bought the bedspread you got one cushion free! How could I not buy it at that price! Something like that in the high end stores would be at least £80-£100!

Isn't it pretty! It's fully reversible with the most exquisite red flowers on it, I just love it.

At the moment my bedding is all pale blue/greens with big pink flowers on it. Looking forward to putting this set on, I always go back to neutrals in the end, just find them so relaxing don't you.

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  1. It is beautiful I love it.
    Everytime I go I look at it and think shall i buy it.....

  2. Gorgeous bedspread, and a very good price too! Thanks for the lovely comment, glad you like the drawings :) I didn't know you were studying webdesign, are you enjoying it?? xx

  3. So jealous you have that. I have seen that in Matalan the last few times i've been in there and always have a debate with myself to whether i should get it!!! It is beautiful x

  4. Wow, Matalan - that's an amazing find! It's beautiful, am returning home from NZ for a 6 week shopping spree. Will definitely put Matalan on my list of shops to visit.

  5. I love that bedspread!!! Matalan is just great, I bought a lovely one from there last year!!



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