Thursday, 28 May 2009

Twitter, Twitter - taken the plunge!

Well I've gone and done it! Yep I'm a Twitterer! Gosh sounds like I've got a disorder doesn't it ;o)

It seems wherever I go these days it's all about the Twitter. I was even watching the 'Live Surgery' programmes currently running on Channel 4 this week and they put Twitter as the easiest and most favoured way to contact them during the live shows. When did emailing or texting programmes go out of fashion! I just can't keep up these days.

Have put my Twitter on my sidebar, you can follow me by using the link on it if you want to. Can't promise anything of great literacy/wit but I will give it my best shot!

Used to be a Facebook user but that got far to complicated and personal for my liking. Twitter seems a refreshing change from all those busy looking social networking sites.

Off to look for some likeminded 'tweeters' xx


  1. I joined up to twitter but I can't really seem to get the hang of it!! If I can get it up and running properly I shall 'tweet' you :) x

  2. Your blog is lovely - thank you for your comments on mine. If you'd like me to run a Cath Kidston style SU workshop at your home, please let me know. x


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