Monday, 1 June 2009

Boot Sale Sunday - sorry it's late

It's a day late I know so apologies from me, but I was at my mums helping put finishing touches to her bedroom makeover which I will blog about tomorrow with some piccies.

Anyway back to task in hand, we went off to just one sale yesterday, the weather was glorious if a tad breezy! Don't know if it was just me but there seemed a lot less stalls this week, maybe coz of the school hols?

Was lucky enough to get a small ironing board to have in my craft/sewing room so I don't have to keep hawling the big one up there! It cost £4.00.

And got some fuschia wool/thread and a glass karafe for £1.00. My mum reckons the karafe reminds her of the bottles they used to give to men in hospitals who were bed bound, I don't think I need to go into more detail do I!! Have to get that image out of my mind straight away as I will never use it :o)

We avoided the burger vans after last week's episode. But we did give in and have some freshly cooked doughnuts and they were gorrrrrrrgeous!! Plus the lady selling them had on a Cath Kidston apron so I knew they would be good :o)

So bloggers that's it for the thrifty finds. Off to clean the car now as it doesn't look too good and it is going in for MOT tomorrow! xx


  1. hahhah have to agree with your mum yep it sure looks like a recipticle for we!!!but would brill with some flowers honest!"!!! suns gone away boo hoo and i have ordered some more sunshine......would like to stay sun kissed instead of soggy....lvs sassy thanks for comments me luverly lady wished i lived nearer would love to go bargain hunting wiv yer.......xxxxxx

  2. lol yes now you mention it.. it does rather look like a wee bottle lol. perhaps you could alter it in some way hehehe. Well done on finding your bargains, and gosh arent the doughnuts just lush, i always have to buy them when we go but i seem to have a little trouble sharing them hehehe.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx


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