Friday, 5 June 2009

Corner Chomper - We R Memory Keepers

When making my cards I'd like to be able to round off the corners sometimes but my little X-cut punch just doesn't cut it. It's not it's fault as it is afterall only meant for paper/lightweight card. Anyway I saw a thread over on UKScrappers forum about this new gadget from We R Memory Keepers for rounding off corners, it looked just like the original Crop o Dile which I love. It has the ability to cut two sizes of corners, 1/4" and 1/2" and cut through card, paper, chipboard, vinyl, and tin. Perfect!

Over here they retail for around £24.99 but I had a look online and in the States they are $23.99 which at the current exchange rate works out at £14.75. I am lucky enough to have my relatives living near Boston and they just happen to be visiting here in 3 weeks time.

So I hopped onto good old Ebay, checked the seller would post to the US address for me and voila it is on its way to them.

This is it, loving the aqua colour of the handles.

You can see a demo of it here from when it was aired on HSBN. Wanted to embed the video in the post but I have absolutely no idea how you do that? If anyone can help me on this would be great to hear from you! xx

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