Sunday, 21 June 2009

Oh Golly, Just Look At These Lollies!!

Over on my favouriete cake blog, the Cake Journal, they've put up a post showing the most gorgeous cookie lollies ever! Look, aren't they cute!

Mmm can you imagine biting into that lovely sweet fondant, then hitting the crunchiness of the biscuit underneath as the two textures combine in your mouth. Ooh sorry, got a bit carried away there for a mo!!

They are very shabby chic and would also look lovely without the lolly sticks and just laid out on a nice teaplate for afternoon tea.

Apparently there is cupcake fondant mould that you put the fondant into so no flower making skills required, perfect. If you love these you should pop on over to their blog and read the full post here. xx


  1. cor scrummmy or what better than my special k nibbles lol!!!!!...still chocolaty cardboard nibles fewer!!!!!....go on give up a lick hahah hugs sasyx


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