Sunday, 21 June 2009

Boot Sale Sunday

Trundled off on our usual trip to the bootsale this morning. Got a bit of a shock when we arrived, it was practically empty! Started to wander around the few booters that were there, then it suddenly dawned on us, of course it was Father's Day, doh!!! The term 'numpty' crept in my mind :o)

Oh well all was not lost as I managed to get this gorgeous pink and white dotty teaplate for 50p.

And yes another picture frame, 50p. Not so sure about the frogs! I seem to be buying these every week now, but no I am not opening up a framing busines, promise ;o) I'm just 'framing' bonkers!

Hope all daddies out there got spoiled to bits and waited on today, although that probably happens most days of their lives :o) Oops did I say that out loud, tut tut.



  1. Hiya sweetie, That teaplate is gorgeous, i love pink and i love spots.. its a shame they did not have a whole set! but how lovely would a scrummy cupcake look on there ;) You have done well with your frame purchasing, Good frames and professional framing is very expensive so 50p was a real snip! I couldnt go to any booties today as the hubby went fishing this morning and left us all motorless lol. The one we did have really local has now stopped running so we have to travel a bit further a field to find them now.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  2. what a fab plate...and the photo frame am sure youll find something pretty to pop inside it.... what a little treasure hunter you your dedication lol!!!! huggies sassyxx


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