Monday, 13 July 2009

18th birthday cards for my nephew

I love making cards, but for boys/men not so much! No pinks, no ribbons, no frillies, no glitter, no flowers, no cutsie sentiments, equals no fun. Anyways they only give them a glance when they open them, stick them up in the lounge out of duty and in a few days all is forgotten and they go in the recycling. Are you getting that I wasn't looking forward to doing these ;o)

First up, from his great grandmother.

Next up, from his grandmother.

And last one from his Aunt.

Now admittedly I may not have been so daunted by them if I had actually started them more than 24 hours before his actual birthday!! Yep, am known to my family as last minute larry, tee hee!

Oh and did you spot the same gold numbers on them all, I know bit of cheat but I have like a ton of these to use up :o)

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