Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Beach huts and Mudeford

Thought I'd share some of the piccies from my recent trip to Bournemouth. Seems such a long time ago now but actually it was only 2 weeks, how time flies! Didn't summers used to take like forever when we were kids?

This is Mudeford Sandbanks near Christchurch. Lots of lovely beach huts.

Some of them have been done out really nice. Shame it was a cloudy day.

See it's like a mini 'hut' village!

Arty shot of the beach at Mudeford.

All aboard!! Just love taking a ride on this cute little land train

My tiggy sisters hot chocolate at the Hiker's Cafe in Mudeford.

Captain Seagull steering his vessel into dock!

The famous Bournemouth Pier

The view of Bournemouth beach from our hotel, breathtaking!

Back entrance to the Russell Cotes Museum, it's been open 100 years this year

Hidden in the railings along East Cliff are these little gems.

Particularly liked the hut one.

And finally my lovely mummy and me.

So there you have it, a peek into my little mini break. It's definitely made me more determined to see more of our little country. Next stop on my list is Southwold beach which is only an hour and half from me on the east coast, and yes they have pretty beach huts too! xx


  1. What wonderful beach huts! I would love one of those.

    Victoria xx

  2. Hi. I have just found your blog. I live along the coast from B'mouth it's a great place for a day out!
    We had an Alfie cat too, but sadly he had to have him put to sleep ealrier this year because he was so poorly. They are so precious to us aren't they?
    Will be back to look around more later.

  3. Hi, looks like you had a lovely mini break. I live 9 miles from Mudeford and about 14 miles from Bournemouth! Such lovely places and I am glad you enjoyed them

    Morwenna xx

  4. Lovely piccies - thanks for sharing.
    I've been wondering where there are some beach-huts as I want to take some product shots with beach-huts in the background.
    If the weather ever cheers up, the Jelly family will have to make a weekend of it.


  5. Oooh wonderful pics, those beach huts are gorgeous, i can just see myself in one of those on a summers day with my stash... crafting to my hearts content and finishing off with a dip in the sea and maybe a little bbq... ahem ok back to reality now lol... looks like you had a wonderful time and these pics would make a great scrapbook layout.
    Love n hugs
    VIkki xx

    (btw i nearly forgot... i will be posting your goodies on thursday morning for you sweetie xx)

  6. I haven't been to Bournemouth since i was a child - looks great.
    I love Southwold!!

  7. Fantastic photos , looks like you had a really lovely time, I live just 5 min's from the beach but still love to visit other lovely coastal areas and this looks like one I should put on our list of places to go, thanks for sharing with us
    Love Susie xx

  8. Just came across your photographs, mine is number 80...the cream one with the doors open! Lovely photos, thank you xx
    Brogan x

  9. I just came across this post again, I love the photos you have taken from down the beach. Have you been to visit since? xx


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