Friday, 10 July 2009

Cath Kidston - New sewing book!

Oh my, would you look at this! RRP is going to be £14.99 and considering you get all the bits you need to make the bag on the front cover that is a real bargain! UPDATE: Just found out you can pre-order this book for £10.49 with free delivery at Amazon, go check it out!!

How cute is that little vintage red sewing machine!

These would just make lovely pressies for Xmas.

Beautiful hangers, wish I had a wardrobe big enough to hang all my clothes on these. Just have a few similar ones for special items.

Product Description (from Amazon site)
Sewing is the new shopping. In these cash-strapped times it's more fun to get together with friends and stitch something handmade and special, whether for yourself or a friend, than to go out and spend that hard-earned money - plus to be given a gift that someone has created and spent time making is always heart-warming. Following the huge success of last year's MAKE!, Cath Kidston has now put together a treasure trove of fabulous simple projects for stitchers to get their needles into - bags, clothes, soft toys and many more - and all designed to be made with her popular printed fabrics. As an inspirational kick-start, Cath is giving away with the book a length of a unique fabric specially printed for the book, together with handles, a label and button to make up into a bag. The book itself is packed with 48 projects with full instructions to make a range of fun and useful things, divided into sections on Home, Babies, Bags, Clothes, Accessories and Gifts. All the sewing techniques are clearly explained in an introductory section so that even an absolute beginner can be sure of success, together with details of how to embroider, applique and adorn your items in other ways. Stunning photographs, colourful contemporary design and step-by-step pictures make everything absolutely clear and user-friendly. The book also contains trace paper with cut-out patterns

Can't wait for 20th October, only 102 days to go!!


  1. cor fab book fab bag....and that little machine it remeber my mum and dad bought one so similar for a christmas pressie for me i was about 8 and loved to sew even the late im in my late fifties lol!!!! and still love to sew when i get the gug.....enjoy your book and bag ..hugs sassyxxx

  2. I can't wait for this book to be released, don't the pictures look FAB,

    Victoria xx


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