Friday, 17 July 2009

Freaky Weather! - 2nd post today

Oh my did any of you get the storms we got here in the East?

This was the sky outside my house last night, you just knew bad things were to come!

It was rather freaky, giant hail stones, torrential rain, very loud thunder and fork lightening! Good job I was round my sisters as would have been a bit scared, never liked thunder since I was a child.
Her garden looked like a snowy scene from winter. The hail stones were these perfectly formed little smooth balls of ice which lay on the ground for ages before beginning to melt. Mother nature is truly amazing! Nothing on earth can challenge her power.

We were reflecting on how thunder storms were explained to children. My mother's generation were told it was the coalman delivering the coal. My sister and I were told that god was angry with somebody! My neice and nephew were told the truth, hot air meeting cold air and all that. What were you told as a child, fiction or fact? xx


  1. We were told it's God moving his furniture!
    My children are getting the true science bit too.

  2. i was told the same as lisa....i still beieve it although i now know better...but it helps the mass hysteria that sets in when the storms a little too loud for my liking and the flashes to near makes me evry nervous...i could never be a storm chaser id be running the other hugs sassy great


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