Sunday, 19 July 2009

Look what my Nan knitted me!

My nan has been beavering away knitting loads of animal characters for my sister to use for her story telling sessions at the nursery. I commented that I really liked the elephants and voila she gave me this one.

Isn't she just the cutest! I've named her Ella and she is going to sit in my craftroom along with my other cuddlies.

She's even got white bloomers on!

Happy Sunday everyone! xx


  1. How cute..I hope you'll show us more of your nan's work!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Sal ;-)

  2. Oh that is so sweet and I bet that was really tricky to knit
    I have never got the hang of knitting I blame it on being left handed plus I have no patience !! lol
    hugs Susie xx


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