Friday, 3 July 2009

What a week!

Got back from Bournemouth Monday night. Hot hot in the car back home, and there were lots of wellie clad girlies at the service station, forgot that Glastonbury had been on, doh!

Had a lovely time but will blog about that later, as by Tuesday afternoon my mum had a stinking cold and by Wednesday evening I was rushing her into hospital! Quite a scary moment, delirious, fever, shakes and shallow breathing. And I knew she was feeling real bad as she didn't protest when said I was taking her in, she was admitted straightaway.

2 days in hospital and she is now feeling better, I know that because her sarcasim is back and apparently it's all mine and my sisters fault that she is in there! Didn't we know she is a doctor and can quite easily look afterherself at home. Yeah right. She's all sweetness and light when the consultant is there though ;o)

She has got to stay in for another 3 days but it looks like worst is over. They thought pneumonia at first, did x-rays and scans and now say bad bronchitis. Still got fever and on intravenous antibiotics plus had 3 lots of saline as she looked like she had been in the desert when we took her in. I have to tell you I was worried, mums are sooo precious and I really can't bare seeing her ill and absolutely hated leaving her there at night. I think all hospitals should have twin rooms so you can stay with them. Think that might push our NI up a tad though!

I took her some magazines in and my Anthea Turner's How to be the Perfect Housewife book. Obviously I'm a bad daughter as she now thinks that I think that she can't keep house! But I took it in because it is an easy pick up and put down type of book. Does she believe me, does she heck ;o) Do I care if she believes me, of course not, am just glad she is on the mend.

Not the most cheery of posts I know. Normal programming should be resumed over the next few days!

Thanks for tuning in. xxx


  1. oh dear, i do hope you mum is feeling better soon xx

  2. Oh my goodness what a shock for all of you!
    Hope your mum starts to feel better soon xxxx


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