Thursday, 20 August 2009

Just looked at my stat counter

And it's nearly reached 4000 hits, less than 100 to go! All those people that have taken the time to visit my little blog just amazes me and I am very grateful. I love to have visitors, just as much as I love to visit others.

So there is only one thing a gal can do in this situation................................... yep, a Giveaway!! Not quite sure what it is yet but it will be pretty ;o) So watch that counter, when it gets to 4,000 I'll post up the details. xx


  1. Well done!
    Thanks for visiting me! I'll add you to my faves

  2. Hello, thanks for the lovely comment, glad you like the brooch! I am hoping to make another batch to add to my blogshop soon as its looking pretty empty at the moment!! xx Gem

  3. Hi, Lovely blog you have here! Congrats on all the visitors, I can see why. x


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