Friday, 7 August 2009

Oh my it's Friday already, how did that happen!

The time has just flown this week. My sister has been helping me sort out the new craftroom and it's a mammoth task I can tell you. When did I buy all this stuff? She thinks I have some kind of disorder I am sure of it!

We moved stuff out of the old room and built the metal single bed I got from a fellow freecycler, and it fits perfectly, this room will a very cute guestroom when finished. The new craftroom (old guest room) was now looking like a complete mess and you couldn't see the floor, I was beginning to get a bit disheartened, what had I started!

Anyway after numerous re shuffles of furniture, endless trips to the recycling centre (posh word for Tip!) it is starting to take shape. As a break from manual labour we took ourselves off to Ikea yesterday for some retail therapy and meatballs. Only to get there just before 11am and discover that they were still serving breakfast! At 99p for 6 items and free coffee it had to be done didn't it. I tell you if I lived close to one of these institutions it would be breakfast everyday ;o)

The next few hours were spent doing the usual, oohing and aahing over things we had seen many times before but always lure you in time and again. Clever, clever store design by that Ikea man. By the time we got to end of the showrooms it was refreshments again before hitting the market place, all that measuring and plan writing was thirsty work. Not to be too tiggy like we opted for the kiddies meal, yep we have no shame, my sister and I ate our dinner off of brightly coloured plastic plates! But you see it was worth it as it was £1.25 for small meatballs, chips and fresh fruit of our choice. We were very pleased with ourselves on our thrifty eating budget.

Engines refuelled we headed off with our trolley to the market place, now you have to be very disciplined in there. There is a strong force at work that communicates with your subconscious and makes you fill your trolley with all these wonderous items that by the time you reach the checkout you need a new credit card to pay for it all!! Not happening to us this time. We grabbed said trolley and used all our might to keep it on the central pathway, stopping only at the places on the shopping list we gripped tightly in our hands. And do you know what, we did it this time, my trolley only had the essential stuff I needed to finish my craftroom :o)

So am back home to the chaos, building desks and Expedite units and it is starting to take shape. To say I am a little knackered is an understatement! Hopefully I haven't bored you all too much, just wanted to share my progress and keep my blog updated.

Oh yeah and it's gonna be hot and sunny all weekend so the bootsale should be good that my sister and I are doing on Sunday. I've just got to not spend my earnings on other peoples stuff ;o) Hmm that could be a tough one!

Enjoy the weekend everyone xx

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  1. Hope you sold lots at the boot sale and didn't spend it all again!
    I went to our local Ikea on Friday and managed to buy the glass bottle I went in for and only 2 other things I hadn't planned on, but less than £5 was spent, that's got to be a result!
    Lisa x


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