Sunday, 9 August 2009

Bootsale - selling was fun!

We did it, woohoo, and what fun we had. Even though it started off quite overcast there was a good crowd. Setting up was a bit stressful, you kinda pull it all out of the car, and try and put the table and rail up whilst the early birds all walk passed you shouting, 'any mobile phones', or 'any jewellery'.

some of our neighbours

Anyways after much scrabbling around it sort of looked okay, so we then stood there with our friendliest of smiles on our faces and waited. Started off slow, but soon picked up, and we seemed to amuse passers by as my big fat bottom kept knocking the stuff off of hangers, our clothes rail kept getting lower and lower and we were constantly bossing each other around ;o)

would you buy off this lady?!!

The sun did come out eventually and boy was it hot then, kinda glad it hadn't been there all morning. We then amused passers by as the wasps homed in on my smelly candles which led to me yelping and running around the table.

the lonely items that noboby wanted :o(

After what seemed like 30mins when it was actually 5 hours that had passed we packed up and sped off to my sisters to cash up! Sitting there with our much earned coffee and homemade scones (made by her son no less) we counted away and ............... £166.00 clear profit was made! We looked at each other smiling, as normally all of this stuff would have been given away. And we still had some nice bits left for me to take to work at my charity shop tomorrow, so everyone wins.

Oh and I didn't buy one single thing there (only coz she wouldn't let me ;o) xx


  1. Wow looks like you had fun and made a huge profit as well no wonder you were smiling !!! which probably made it worth getting up in what seems like the middle of the night to go out and do a car boot sale !!
    Anyway I just wanted to say a big thanks for finding my mojo it was so good of you to send it back to me ...its not arrived yet but I am expecting it tomorrow and I am getting ready for its return
    Can't thank you enough for caring
    Big hugs Susie xx

  2. Well done on your boot sale earnings. It did make me laugh your comments about setting up, it's so frustrating isn't it when you just want to get set up!

    Victoria xx

  3. Well done!!
    i hate the setting up and the made rush of customers at first!!!


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