Sunday, 27 September 2009

Boot Sale Sunday

Mmmm lovely sunny day on a Sunday can only mean one thing, a trip to a bootsale, yay!! The last two I have been to were ones that I was selling at so was really looking forward to a mooch around today.

First up is this!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it and nor the price, £2.70!!

I've recently had a wall put back between my lounge and hallway. Took it down a few years ago and didn't like it!! That'll teach me, darn those house programmes. Now my hallway is back I've been wanting a console table to put a lamp on. Didn't think I'd get anything but then I spied this under some linens. Bought it for £3.50.

Lastly a collection of wooden frames and ribbons all for £3.00. Am planning to use the two smaller ones for signs around the house.

So that was my day today, hope you all had a good one. Thanks for popping by. xx

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  1. you got some great things, i really want a wooden airer!


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