Friday, 25 September 2009

Crocheted Bunting - do I or don't I?

Like it that is!

I do love bunting but normally go for the fabric kind. Anyway whilst away in Spain there was plenty of time to crochet due to copious amounts of rain. luckily for me, but much to my BFs horror I had decided to bring some supplies with me :o) I started off doing hearts but didn't always like how they turned out.

So instead of decreasing on my next heart I just carried on crocheting until I had a flag size that I liked. That was it, I was off, so quick and easy to do, knocked out 11 of them while away.

Now the question is what do I join them together with. Should I join them by crocheting or stitch with fabric? I think fabric would be the right option to make them hang properly. What do you think? And do you like crochet bunting anyway? Am thinking I might add fabric shapes onto some of the flags and maybe some beads on the bottom. Still not sure yet, hmmm. xx


  1. somebody made me some knitted bunting and it is joined onto fabric tape, with knitted flowers as decoration...could be a pic on my blog somewhere??? I'll look!
    Your triangles look lovely pictured in the sun :)

  2. They are so lovely - I think a natural coloured Twill Tape would look fabulous for them to be strung together? Look forward to seeing the finished result. x

  3. Ooh that's a good idea Steph, I'll look for some online, thanks x

  4. Oooh Karen you are a clever bunny, i like these and just an idea but how about attatching them together with pretty ribbons? I also think adding beads at the bottom would make them sooo pretty. Brilliant job love it.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  5. I think some fabric would be a nice mix of textures!

    Let us know what you decide.

    Victoria xx


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