Friday, 6 November 2009

Baby Shower Card

Hmmm, I've been absent for a while haven't I. With good reason though, my Aunt is over from the States for a few weeks and like me she loves to thrift and craft so have been pretty busy taking her to local charity shops and antique fairs.

Anyway just popped in to share a card and money holder I made for my sister who is going to be an Auntie in January. The expectant mother is having a baby shower tonight, very American, my Aunt has been filling us in with the all the protocols of such an event. I tell you the American's aren't daft you know, they have showers for babies and showers for brides, plus the usual presents on the day, wedding day, birth of baby etc! Big business over there!

They already know it is going to be a boy so couldn't go all girlie and pink which I would have just loved!

The paper in the background is from my wrapping stash.

The card blank was a pre printed one (very handy) in boy friendly patchwork colours

Added some chipboard shapes, a couple of K&Co 3d stickers and the obligatory ribbon.

As well as a present they are also giving some money. This wallet was made using a template by Anna Griffin. Much nicer than just stuffing some cash in an envelope don't you think.

These large chipboard letters are great for monograms and embellishing.

Got to go get dressed now, yep still in my PJs! Sun is shining here so I am going to be good and walk down to my local town. Well you never know what you might find................ xxx


  1. I was in my jammies til about 11, time flew this morning! lol
    Great card/gift

    You are right, the Americans arent daft eh! lol
    We need to have a craft shower hehe

    Have a good weekend, enjoy the rest of the time with your Auntie

    mandi xx

  2. Well done you - those cards look much better jazzed up - gorgeous. x

  3. Wow, those cards are gorgeous.... love them, and not your normal pink and blue ones either... definately a hit with me.

  4. Great cards! They look brilliant!


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