Sunday, 15 November 2009

Deck the Halls!!

Well it is November so it's okay to get excited about decorating our homes for the festive period! My local garden centre always has a huge section dedicated to all things Christmasy and is a must visit for me and my each year.

I shan't be waffling on in this post, just thought you'd like to take a browse through the goodies with me. I must point out that silly me forgot to take my camera so had to resort to the mobile phone, so apologies about the quality/slightly strange colours!

Let's start with the kiddies shall we

These shelf hooks in both piccies had to be one of my faves!

Oh and the mini knitted tree garments were just divine!

And looked great on this tree.

Fabric hearts by Gisele Graham

So soft and squidgy, love that word!

Cor where's me sunglasses!

Easy to do yourself with circles and a pot of glitter!

Traditional anyone!

Hold on a minute, isn't there meant to be just one Santa Claus!

Reckon this is the real one, by far the best looking of the bunch!

For the grown up kids!

They all played lovely tunes!

Look what's in my belly!

Looks like his elves have been busy making.

Dinky little hotties.

More Gisele Graham

Very country

Gingerbread anyone!

Or how about it'll be all white on the night!

Very calming, although the snow queen does look a bit jaundiced!

Up close.

Hearts and stars

More squidginess, the snowman just at the right is so cute!

So what type are you then? Me I'm a kinda country/traditional style, makes me feel all cosy and safe! xx


  1. oooo lush things. We have a garden centre that has some scummy christmas stuff

    Im a non trad girlie..i get ya feeling safe thing though..bless ya! BUT Im still pink n glittery kinda girlie


  2. Hi
    Country and Traditional for me...I like the scandanavian red and white look but thats country in my book!!!
    Your question about Yvonne??? Not us ....but good to know its not just us who desert their children to swan off to the big apple..... :D
    Saw lots of decs in NY...bought a couple but showed restraint!!

  3. Oh I'm gonna have to visit our garden centre its jam packed like this one!
    I spotted a few of my decorations in your pictures :)

    I like red and green best, but I have a pink tree too :)

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  4. cor blimey i love them hotties and them jumpers...want them all lol!!! and me im a sorta country bumkin barking at tradtional..kinda gal..but hey if its cute i like.....fabby piccis and super super products enough to get me running to the nearest garden centre......hugglles and squidlies sassyxxxxxx

  5. Oh did I or didnt I ?? lol

    SCRUMMY sorry flower hehehe

    Have a good one!

  6. What a great range of Christmas decs, I want to dive right in

    Victoria xx


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