Sunday, 6 December 2009

Susan Branch - Cookie Jar!

I am on the mailing list for Susan Branch who does some really pretty things, including PJs. One of my e-mails this morning was her newsletter which took me to this lovely interactive cookie jar. It is full to the brimming with yummy cookie recipes and all you have to do is click on them to go to the recipe pages, which are equally yummy and look like this.

These are definitely being printed out and put into my recipe folder!

So go on, click on the jar above, how can you resist, and find your favourite recipe! xx


  1. The Cookie Jar soujds great - I'm going right over their to check out the recipes!!! Thank you!!!

    Come over to my blog and join in my give away - there are lots of goodies to be had!!!


  2. Wowee - Thank you so much for sharing. I really like your blog too. Happy Christmas.

  3. Susan Branch is great isn't she!

    Victoria xx


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