Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Art of Crochet

Did you all see this magazine 'The Art of Crochet' advertised recently on the telly? Well I did and being the sucker that I am for these sorts of things I was out buying my copy this morning!

The funny thing about this coming out now is that I am having dinner with my friend on Wednesday and she had asked me to bring some stuff down to teach her to crochet in the pub after our meal. Now she can have all she needs to get started and it only cost me 99p! Perfect timing is what I call that.

You get 2 magazines, one has all the free patterns in and the other is step by step instructions, starting with the basics this week of casting on and double crochet.

There is a DVD which I haven't watched yet, later with a nice cuppa maybe! Two balls of nice soft wool 16g each and a metal 4mm crochet hook.

Each week they give you a different square to practice different techniques on and these squares in turn will make up the gorgeous throw above.

Some basic cushion patterns, always handy for using up small amounts of wool.

Stripey scarf, but could be adapted for cushions, blankets and bags.

If you continue to buy each issue which comes out every week it will set you back £2.99 each time. Now that adds up to a lot of money as I think you only get one 16g ball of wool each issue, £13.00 per month is what you are looking at! Ouch!

However if you reply within 10 days for a subscription you will get Issue 2 and Issue 3 for £1.99 plus your wool and the following:
  • Travel bag and hook wrap
  • Yarn bag
  • Binder
  • Dividers
And you don't get tied into the subscription as you can cancel at anytime and you get to keep all your free gifts! You can find out more about the offer here.



  1. Looks likke a bargin! I'll keep my eye out!!!

  2. Looks good!! I love knitting and I used to be able to crochet - but I think I've forgotten now!! I'd love to give it a go again though!!! I'll look out for the mag!!!

  3. I saw this advertised and thought it might be helpful to teach me crochet! I'll have to pop down to the newsagents

    Victoria xx

  4. Thanks for the information. Looks really good, trouble is can't find it anywhere. Any ideas?

  5. Hello Shasha. I don't have any way to contact you on your blog so hoping you pop back here for my reply.

    If you click on the link in my post to their website you can ring them up to send you issue 1 and also 2 & 3 £2.98 +p&p. Or have you tried asking your newsagents if they can get you one, WHSmiths would be the best if you have one near you.

    Hope this helps. x

  6. hi i just cant seem 2 get the art of crochet mag anywere does anybody have any ideas

  7. I picked up this magazine last week. I've only had the patience to attempt it a few times so far - crochet is definitely something I need to work at!

    B :)

  8. Just to let you all know the links to the crochet website in this post weren't working. I have now fixed them and they will take you to their website without any problems. x

  9. Hi there i started with the art of knitting and found it hard to get, WHSmith ordered it for me but was some issues where hard to get hold of so i phoned the company and got 4 issues a month and if they didn't have an issue you was ment to have they would send another one in its place and send you the other one when in stock. I found it easy to cancel when i didn't have the money to continue. so if you have no luck in the shop try the art of crochet website or phone, the staff are helpful.

  10. I subscribed to this mag back in january and I got the first issue through the post about a week later and so far I havet had any more of the issues, they told me they had run out of issue 3 and that I should get my next installment (issue 2 and 3) in the middle of feb but so far I havent seen anything. *sighs* I really want to get stuck into the blanket it looks awesome

  11. well i've subscribed to this magazine through the art of crochet magazine website. I had issue 1 on jan 11th, then nothing. I've emailed several times and got fobbed off by them saying I'd get the next issues in the course of february, which I didnt because Issue 2 & 3 came on March 12th. They responded to my complaint with an abrupt sentence telling me the issues had been dispatched on or around March 3rd (so not february like they said). In this issue I had the hook wrap and travel bag but a note detailing the yarn bag was out of stock and would follow when available. So now I currently stand at Issue 3, when Issue 12 is in the shops and I subscribed when Issue 1 was just released. The magazine is no longer available on shelves so I'd have to order in at least 8 issues to catch up and they expect 28 days notice to cancel, so I'm continuing to twiddle my thumbs waiting for this issue. Would recommend going through another subscribtion provider.

  12. I've just come across this magazine but I'm told that they can't supply Issue 1 any more. I am keen to make the throw so I'm not sure it's worth subscribing if I can't get it as it contains all the basics to get started. Would anyone be happy to send me a photocopy of Issue 1 and the DVD? I'm happy to pay for it or return it.


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