Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Big Fat Diet Show - Channel 4

Did any of you watch the new diet show on Channel 4 tonight?  "Anna Richardson grabs the UK by its love handles and shows viewers how to lose those pounds"!  Yep mine have definitely expanded since December!

You can access lots of info about the programme by clicking here.  I found the show quite lighthearted but interesting at the same time.  One of their opinions on why the nation is getting fatter is down to supermarket clever marketing.  You know the sort of thing, BOGOFs, buy one get one half price, 3 for 2 etc.  We all fall for it, we're saving money so why shouldn't we.  Apparently we shouldn't because although it is true we save money the hard fact is that we then have double the amount of food we need at home and we feel that we should be eating it!  I can soo relate to that trap.

In the show the dieters have access to a specially set up supermarket where all food on the shelves is packaged by 100 calorie portions!  It's a shocker how little you get with some things, but oh how much easier it would be to shop in a store like that if you were dieting, do you think Tescos will take on the idea LOL!  One thing that did surprise me was that you can get 3 takeaway poppadoms for 100 calories, so I shall be swapping these for my usual naan breads when I have a treat night :o)

They give you all the meal plans for the whole two weeks with calorie info which is really handy, you can see the plan here.  The show is on again on Thursday at 8pm on Channel 4 if you are interested.  It's not rocket science what they tell us but it's good to get you motivated and remind us of the basics we can all be guilty of forgetting.

Kelly over at Kelly's Recipe for Life and Victoria over at Florence & Mary are back on weight loss wednesdays and I'm going to join in with them this time.  Pop on over and read their inspiring posts.


  1. Sounds very interesting - keep us informed with how you get on. x

  2. Ohooo looks like a good watch, good luck :) Yes was a real bargain I thought the telephone, after alot of haggling in the little antique shop managed to get it for £25.00, my christmas money, which I thought was a really good price, helped that I had my Bargain hunt fleece on though ;)

    I remember my mum using a pen too when she dialled when we had one in our house way back when, she has beautifully painted nails so would never use her fingers ;)


  3. So glad you are joining in!!! I've been really motivated so far!!! Can't wait till next week now!!!

  4. So glad you'll be joining WLW's, it's def been a helpful tool for me!

    I haven't watched any of the program, I'll try and catch up with it on iplayer

    Victoria xx

  5. I didnt see this one but wish i had, maybe i can catch it on bbc iplayer later. I dunno about expanding since december, i think ive slowly been expanding for the last 5 years lmao. Im starting Slimming world next week :) hoping to lose a couple of stone over the next 6 months or so. I have to say im a sucker for bogof offers the trouble is i so love eating the extra that we didnt really need lol.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx


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