Friday, 8 January 2010

Knitted Bag

What do you do when it's snowy and freezing cold outside........................ why you sit indoors all cosy knitting of course!

I'm a great lover of chunky knitting, haven't got the patience for the fine stuff takes too long.  Needed something to keep my current knitting projects in by my sofa so what better than a knitted bag!

I didn't have the required chunky wool that the pattern specified so I improvised and knitted using double strands of some aran wool that I had lying around.  It worked out fine so must remember that trick.

Thought it needed a bit of fancying up so lined it with some calico to make it hold it's shape better and it also stops the needles poking through the bag.

 Added a pink crochet flower that I had made a while ago, it was going to be a brooch but like it better on the bag.

My current knitting project sits in there just nicely, and I love that when I am knitting the ball of wool stays in the bag and doesn't end up running all over the sitting room floor being chased by my kitty cats!

This is the pattern I used by Sirdar.  It does look better in the right wool but I don't think mine is too different.

And the current knitting project in the bag is going to be a snood/scarf.  I've 45 stitches on 10mm bamboo needles which I just love to knit with. They are so smooth and warm, not a lover of metal needles, all that click clicking!

Managed to do this much so far, about 18 inches in good old stocking stitch.  I think I need to get it to about 40-50 inches.  Will post some piccies when it is finished.

Hope you are all well and warm.  Thanks for popping by. xx


  1. oooo...i say this is a handy handbagey nice for the beach too.... beach running through my brain she says...well it cant be the weather that triggered off them thoughts....but this is super and lovin your version just as much ..fab almost tempted to get my pins out...knitting ones you understand lol!!!! hugs sassyxxx

  2. Fab bag darling, i love the flower and i must say although it looks gorgeous on the bag it would have made a fantastic brooch too! Look forward to seeing your snood when its finished. Happy New Year sweetie, hope its a brilliant one.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx

  3. Oh wow that is fab, I love it! I so so wish I could crochet and knit, I LOVE the pink flower :) I tried crocheting for the first time today, I managed a chain then I got stuck!! Any handy tips/linkys?

  4. I love the bag you knitted and the flower too, it would have looked nice as a brooch, I've been looking for a pattern for a brooch like that, did you make it up yourself or buy it?? Love Lucey xx

  5. That is so pretty, I love it and well done, you should be very proud :)
    I think I shall get the first issue only of the new crochet mag, my personality doesnt suit looong 2year projects :) but could definatley do with some tips on how to improve my crochet, yet to find my much wanted ladybird how to crochet book....


  6. That is brilliant, love the colours!

  7. Oh you have done sewing!!! all proper like LOL
    I can knit, but havent for ages, but, id never cope with the lining hehe

    SU stuff is FAB, excellent quality. If you get the urge to place an order, you knwo where I am :) There lots of incentives right now for extra freebies

    Keep warm and happy crafting....wonder what you make today?

  8. Well done you - it looks fab! Could you send me a copy of the knitting patternm please? I don't mind paying for it. x

  9. That is really pretty, i love it!

  10. What a fabulous bag! Was it easy to knit?

    Victoria xx


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