Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday - A Bit Scared!

It's official, I've eaten far too much food over the past year.  How do I know this?  90% of my wardrobe does not fit me anymore!!

So in the spirit of the New Year I am going to commit to losing 28lbs/2stone, yep told you I had eaten too much :o)  To help me on my mission I have joined in with Jennifer over at Rosey Little Things.  She has a lovely blog and is very inspiring, if you want to join in with WLW just hop on over there and e-mail her.

The challenge for me in the coming 7 days before my next weigh in will be the flipping FREEZING weather we are experiencing for what seems like forever here in the UK.  I'm a comfort food eater at the best of times so it ain't gonna be easy!

Wish me luck :o) xx


  1. OH Karen That is my wardrobe...give it back lol
    Creeps up on you eh! Mind you I have more than that to loose....frightening!
    Ive spent my life dieting for, holiday, then weight goes back on

    Good Luck, Ive started this week too


  2. Yay so glad you have joined us!
    It does help doing it in our little group :)
    Good luck this week hunni xxx

  3. so glad you are joining us! Hope the week goes well for you:)

  4. Good luck - i think i should join too, i don't fit into hardly anything in my wardrobe either x

  5. Glad to see you joining us for WLW, if def helps!

    Have a great weekend

    Victoria xx


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