Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thank you card

Afternoon my little bloggy friends!  Nearly the end of the week and also the end of my least favourite month, January.  Especially this year as I have had real trouble with date writing, always end up putting 01/01 instead of 01/10, my hands just won't do it :o)

As promised here are a few piccies of a Thank You card I made for my nan to send to her family in the states for some flowers they sent her for her birthday.

Cut some A4 pre printed cardstock to make an A6 card size.

Added some bling and ribbon to a co-ordinating die cut heart.

Preprinted velvet coated cardstock strips are just so handy and look really professional.

That's it, short and sweet today!  Thanks for popping by. 


  1. Hi KAren
    You wont believe this, but, thats what I keep doing too Jan 01 lol Isnt it weird

    Good card, classy

    mandi xx

  2. Hi,

    Your nan will be very proud of you for making her such a lovely card, thanks for your comments hugs Lucey xx


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