Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Gosh is it really that time again already? Where did the week go, is someone speeding up the clocks, sure feels like it!

I've recently discovered an oriental food Cash n Carry near me and am now addicted. They have so many different types of everything it's mind boggling. Will need to be reading up on the internet to work out what to do with all that stuff. I did buy some simple things that I already had experience with, some marinades and sauces that work out much cheaper than in the supermarkets. I also stocked up on my favourite item which is Rice Noodles, just love em! Plonk in bowl, cover with boiling water, wait 10mins and voila they are ready. My type of cooking :O) The food must be quite good for you as you don't see many overweight people in China.

Anyways I digress, what I really should be telling you is how much weight I lost. Well I can't, coz I didn't. Lose any that is :o(  But on the plus side I didn't put any on either, woohoo! My eating wasn't so bad it was more the lack of movement of my big fat behind.   Aah but I have a solution.  Wanna know what it is?  Alright then, here you go!

It's a Carl Lewis Air Walker.  And the even better bit is I picked it up for free off of a lovely couple on Freecycle who no longer needed it.

So plans for this week are, lots of swinging in front of TV, ooh err, and lots of noodle stir fries.  Sorted :o) xx

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  1. We have a worlds supermarket nearby which I love browsing round for different things!

    Victoria xx


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