Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cream anyone?

No not the kind you eat, although now you mention it I could just do with a cream tea :o)

I'm on about the colour.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been picking up bits and pieces from my local CS and noticed they have all been of the cream variety!  Wanna see, come on then.
First up on the conveyor belt we have this lovely scalloped china bowl, perfect for your fruit or how about a big salad when you are dining al fresco, mmmmm.
Next on the belt is this very retro compost bin with lid.  Actually reminds me of a smaller version of the old nappy buckets they used to have back in the 60s.  Of course I am far too young to have been around then :o)
Trundling along behind the bucket is this lovely, retro again, set of cannisters.  The knobs are a tad wobbly and you struggle to read the faded writing but I just love them.
Shabby chic what I think is a photoframe, although has come in handy to display cards on recently.  Need to find something permanent to go in it/on it though, suggestions welcome.
Oh and how about some lighting, removed the shades, trust me they were hideous and beyond repurposing!!

Till next time :o)


  1. You must have a great eye or a great CS near you!! Lol Loving the little lamps and if you stripped the shades to wires you can make paper shades sometimes.....cos I have all the time in the world not!!! But the shades these days are the pricey bit usually. I would be tempted to help the writing along and think of some new words of interest...

  2. Hi Lolo. Thank you so much for your wonderful and very generous gift for the red heart day. xxxxxxx

  3. Ohhh! lovely! You can't go wrong with cfream :)
    Love the bucket and canisters!

  4. Wish I could find such nice things in my local charity shops! You must be near to the Cambridge ones then me haha.
    You also have a very nice and interesting blog.
    Have a great day.
    Em x


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