Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Morning everyone!  It's a grey one here, again!  Oh well onwards we must :o)

I think my body must be rebelling against all these dull rainy skies and has gone into hybernation mode as it only managed to shed 0.5lbs this week.  Rather pathetic, I need to have a good old talking to it and tell it this can't last, doesn't it know spring is very close.  We don't want to be caught out when that big yellow thing appears to warm everything up!

To help my body out I've enrolled it on this rather fab, and free, weightloss website Calorie Count which fellow WLW Kristy recommended.  Doesn't take long to sign up and then you have access to your weightloss centre.  There is a great food tracker, activity tracker and weight tracker.  Was really impressed with the comprehensive list of activities, did you know that knitting/sewing burns 112 calories an hour!!  Crafters eat your heart out, on healthy stuff obviously :o)

Hope my fellow WLW members are having better luck than me this week. xx


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself!!! It's still a loss!!! Well done!!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! the rain is so draining. I too was attempting to loose a few pounds but I just want to eat and eat! At least you lost something, well done...I pretty sure I have put on. never mind. Eat less, move more...thats what I keep telling myself, Lucyxx I wonder how many calories are used up struggle to squeeze into a pair of jeans!

  3. Great job! Winter seems to be such a hard time to lose weight. Cold outside, so we don't like to venture out there much; which I think would really help me personally. Fresh Air! That doesn't iclly burn your throat!

  4. oooh i did something like that and it freaked me out on how many calories i have sometimes...even when i think i've had a good day!!!!

  5. .5 of a pound is better than staying the same or gaining! good for you.. evey little bit helps!


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