Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ribbon - it's gotta be organised!

Hello this is Lolodesigns and I'm a Ribbonaholic!! LOL.  It was not good, I just had to sort the stuff out, I mean it was everywhere.  Stuffed in boxes, loose on the floor, scattered on the craft desk, randomly stuffed into nooks and crannies all over the house in fact!  So I braced myself and set about getting to grips with it all.
Here they all are, duly gathered from whence they hid and dumped unceremoniously onto my Pouffe!
 They had been stored in many guises.  There were the dolly clothes pins which I started using when I first got some ribbon as it looked pretty, however I didn't like the fact that the ribbon would be very curly when you took it off to use.  Some others were kept on their original spools, some were hung from hooks on a rail using slotted ribbon holders.
Ta da!  And this is what they look like now.  It took many an hour I can tell you but oh the satisfaction now it is all done.  The clear boxes I used are really cheap and from Ikea, they stack nicely too, come in loads of sizes all the way up to humungous!
They take two rows of my ribbon cards just nicely.  The card was grey board from my stationers at 75p for an A2 sheet so only cost me £3.00 to do all my ribbons, with some to spare.
My pink stash is running scarily low, oh goody I get to shop!
Whites are a bit thin on the ground too!

Naturals anyone
Some of my fave pinks, the stitched grosgrain ones are by Anna Griffin and they are really good quality.
Spotty ribbon, there's just something about it.  These all came from Hobbycraft and were great value.
Think the black/pink check one on the left is very reminisent of ooh la la underwear!.
Blimey where are my sunglasses!!
While we have our sunglasses on I'll sneak the limes in too.
Finally we have the rik rak.  The ribbon I love to use in decorative sewing projects.  There are some gorgeous velvet ones in there as well as the normal grosgrain ones.  These all came from a company called American Crafts.

So there you have it, my ribbon organisation, I highly recommend it to all RAs, it is very theraputic and being able to see what I have will stop (or maybe not) my frequent impulse buys!

PS - I now have enough dolly clothes pins to start a launderette!


  1. Sorting ribbons Saturday night....
    Living life in the fast lane again Karen LOL

    They look fab, DON'T see them!


  2. That was a job well done!!! Don't they look lovely though - all those lovely colours!!!

  3. What a brilliant idea. My ribbons look like your 'before' pic! Love your blog. Sue XX

  4. That looks fantastic! what a lovely lot of ribbon you have!!!

  5. Fantastic storage idea!!

    Envious of all your ribbon stash ...

  6. Good idea to storage it like that.
    The first photo looks a bit like my own ribbon lol.

  7. What a great idea. TFS.
    I have my ribbon in glass containers from IKEA. It looks lovely but I have to pull all ribbons out of the container before I find the one I need.

  8. Just found your fantastic blog via Crafty Solutions, where they put up how you had organised all your lovely ribbons.

    Looking forward to popping in and seeing what you have been doing.

  9. oh what lovely ribbons, they are all so gorgeous! I spent this Sat night sorting buttons - my mum gave me two large tins to look for treasure in - oh how I enjoyed that Sat night (how sad does that make me lol).


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