Tuesday, 23 February 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary - a card

50 years married, something you don't hear much of these days.  I think it is quite sad that 50 or even 40 year anniversaries will be unheard of in the future.  Stability and making an effort in ones life is something I think we could all aspire to.
One of the ladies I volunteer with is celebrating such a milestone in her married life this weekend and her daughter in law commissioned me to make them a card.  I went for this lovely botantical print by, yes you've guessed, Anna Griffin!  The blues and pinks are just gorgeous don't you think.
For the golden part I used some lovely satin ribbon behind the sentiment and as a decadent bow.  Toning blue crystal for a touch of extra luxury.
For those of you who regularly pop by you will know that I recently purchase some Martha Stewart punches.  I've used one of them to create the borders on this card, it also has a co-ordinating corner punch too, they are called 'punch around the page' sets.
Glitter gold 50th stickers by KandCompany were stuck onto the sentiment which was printed out onto to photo paper.  I use photo paper as the ink never smudges and dries instantly.
I really like the this punch, it can be both modern and tradtional, think this will be popping up a lot in the future.



  1. That card is stunning!!! You are very clever!!! I am sure that the happy couple will be delighted with it!!! I know what you mean about the 'special anniversaries' it is a shame though!!! This year we will be celebrating my 36th wedding anniversary - not far of our 40th!! perhaps one of my angels will commission a card from you!!!

  2. Oh this is just fabulous Karen
    Such untraditional colours....as in not gold overload! lol but works to perfection!

    mandi xx

  3. What a gorgeous card! I agree with you it's such a shame that marriage is not treated as it should be these days. I'm sure the lucky couple will be delighted!

  4. Hi Karen! Thanks for leaving your lovely comments on Tilly Rose! I love your cards especially your latest project...very shabby and vintage looking.
    Where in Cambs do you live?
    I LOVE your ribbon stash...what I would give to have that many ribbons! I will check out your websites that you have linked...
    karen x x x


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