Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some pretties on a lovely spring day

Hello my lovely readers.  Did we all get lots of sunshine today?  Had it by the bucket load here, few stray clouds in the afternoon but most of the time the sky was a beautiful shade of blue.  It put a spring in my step as I did some weeding and cleaned my barbecue (oh did it need it!) and replaced the coals.  Feeling quite pleased with myself I made a nice cuppa and decided to take piccies in the garden of recent goodies I have acquired.  I do love taking photos outside, it is sooo much easier to get a good shot.  So here we go then girls.
For the past couple of years my darling neice and nephew have bought me Aunty Day gifts as they say I miss out on Mothers Day, aren't they just the best.  And this lovely birdhouse is what they got me.  It is from John Lewis and I just love it!
It looks rather fetching hanging from my apple tree, which incidentally is already bursting with green shoots.
These lovely dotty and floral items came from good old Tesco, reduced in their Easter section.  I did get 4 of the mugs but 3 are already used and in the dishwasher.
Here's a close up of the rose serviettes, thought they were good value at £1.50 and very Cath Kidston don't you think.
I know, I don't know what possessed me to put a roll of wallpaper in a tree LOL.
It's not a complete roll but for a few pennies it had to come home with me, the flowers are such a lovely colour.
 Couldn't believe my eyes when I sore this, I've sooo wanted one for ages, a cast iron casserole and it's cream!  Good job I wasn't far from my car as these are real heavy, can't wait to cook in it.

A £1 storm lantern for my garden candles, stops those pesky breezes always blowing them out.
The pale cream daffodil, I think they are so elegant, only 2 came out this year, not sure what happened to all the others! Oh and can you see someone's little furry head to the left of it.
Ooh here she is, little Levi with her usual snotty look on her face, bless.
The last piccie above is of, I think, Grape Hyacinths?  This year there are absolutely loads in the garden and really cheer it up.

Well my lovelys thank you if you managed to make it all the way to the end twas a long one I know.  There is a lovely evening glow outside now and I am off to cook some sausages and baked apple for our tea.


  1. That was so pretty!! Doesn't the sunshine make a big difference!!!

  2. I love your birdhouse hunny! I really really want one!!!!
    i have loads of grape hyacinths out in my garden at the moment too...lovely
    karen x x x

  3. You are such a bargin hunter, you always seem to find wonderful things..x

  4. Well done on your bargain pretties. Levi is gorgeous :)

  5. oohh I want that bird box - where do you live again and is it hanging in your garden lol. Gorgeous buys from Tesco too - must pop there but bet everything is gone now :-( We have some of those Grape Hyacynths too - gorgeous aren't they.

  6. Wowsers!! Tesco came up tops there with those goodies, I really must get myself down there!
    The bird box is very cute , as is your puss....shes very much like mine.

  7. Your birdhouse is fab. Really pretty. And I love your finds in Tesco. My garden is in need of some tlc after winter, and you've inspired me to think about getting out there! I really enjoyed this post. Sending glitter and smiles, Emma x

  8. Wow I love that bird house, its almost too good to be outside.

  9. Levi is so cool! I definitely want to return as a cat! I love the napkins. My friend bought me some from Aldi of all places but I have never seen them again. Will investigate Tesco. xxx

  10. Thanks for your name suggestion...Lola, I like it!
    I love the wall paper and the enamel pot! Imagine the casseroles you can cook in that beauty. Lucy

  11. I have those napkins, isn't Tesco doing some great stuff at the moment!

    Victoria x

  12. Gorgeous gift! I want a birhouse like that!!!
    I have those Napkins too!!!
    We have a huge tesco near us! V and I spend hours there!!!


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