Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hi ladies hope you are all keeping well.  The choc feast is over and the sun has been shining for a while now and this has given me a much needed boost.  I love this type of weather as it makes me want to eat salads and tuna which is a good thing right!

As is to be expected I have no loss to report but no gain either which is a minor miracle in itself :o)  My sister and I have been discussing, well she has been persuading me should I say, that regular walks in our pretty little park are what we need.  So I shall be dusting down my trainers and finding something sporty that is not too scary to wear when we venture out!

Hope you are all having good weeks and good weather too.  If you want to see how the others are doing or even join in then just click here.  x


  1. Celery - yes I did type Celery! I read somewhere that that vegetable takes more calories to burn it than it has in it. Fill your salads with it :-) Not sure why i kept that crappy fact in my head but there it stays lol.

  2. Well done for not putting on. At this time of year it is definately a miracle! I agree with your sister, walk, walk and more walk. Best excercise ever...says she who only does an hour of pilates once a week. Lucyxx

  3. your doing great, I love this time of year too because the body is not hibernating any more and you have that energy to go out and walk.

  4. Karen my lovely I think it proves you have nothing to loose!

    Sorry not been over for ages, I been so busy

  5. I'm back on the WW this week... thankfully I've only put on 3lbs so should loose that and be back to the beginning again! Sunday I was going through my freezer and putting everything in portions etc.

    Victoria xx

  6. no gain is better than you thought and sounds like you are motivated to start walking and no holidays for awhile should help!

  7. No weight gain after Easter eggs is brilliant!!! Kelly, my sister, my hubby and I are all back on Atkins!!! I can see the difference already!!!! Phew!!!

  8. Well done for maintaining! That's fantastic. I hope you have a fab time on your walks in the park. I love going to our local park, but always end up having a cup of coffee in the cafe and not really walking much! xx

  9. ive decided that i have to do somthing about the fact im eating for britain and am putting more and more wieght on .. so from tomorrow im not going on a diet but am cutting back.. i think that sounds better doesnt it!!!.
    me and my sis have decided with the lighter nights we are going to walk in the evening.. i have to shift some pounds!!!!

  10. Well done, you are doing really well. And as for exercise you could decorate a billy or two ;0) though I do love cup's of tea and chocolate biscuits to keep my creative *pretting up* juices flowing whilst i decorate ;0)

    Thanks for liking my billy, do leyt me know if you do anything with one of yours :0)


  11. Good luck with the wright loss. I have half a stone to lose but it will not budge. I think the walk is very good idea. I am hoping that this sunshine will tempt me out a bit more.
    How much have you lost so far?


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