Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bootsales are back, woohoo!

They're back which makes me a happy girlie.  Bit of a late start this year after our extended big freeze here in the UK but that's all behind us now and for the past few weeks I have been dragging my poor mother out of her bed on Sunday mornings!  My little collection of treasures have been photographed and ready to make their appearance on my blog.
For those long hot summer days we have this large vintage style flask to keep my Pimms cold whilst I catch the rays in the garden.  Far too lazy to keep walking into the house to get from the fridge :o)

My hallway needs somewhere to hang my coat and bag on and this wooden peg rail fits the spot perfectly.  

Some glass candlesticks to replace the ones my naughty kitty cats broke the other day whilst squabling!  A couple of John Lewis flat sheets in a yummy vibrant red and a gorgeous pale duck egg blue.  
Only the other day I was moaning to my niece that my jewellery collection really was rather dull and could do with updating.  Spying this necklace for a £1 I snapped it up.  The colour is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the new neutrals fashion pallette that is everywhere at the moment.
Now it wouldn't be right if there weren't some florals in here somewhere!  This tin came with a jigsaw in it, bizarre but for only 50p it was mine and the puzzle well that's in a plastic bag now.

I've also recently purchased something rather large from eBay for my kitchen, but that is for another post all on it's own :o)


  1. Oooh, lovely baragins! Can I come to a bootsale with you Lolo??? I NEVER find anything at our local ones. xx

  2. Great finds!!! I've only been a couple of times and there was never a bargain or even anything nice to be found!!

  3. Ive never been to a boot sale! do you have to go early?

  4. Gorgeous bargains! I always work Sundays so miss all these lovely things :-( I am so envious now. oohh and Pimms, it is that time year again - wwwahhhooo!

  5. Great finds - the coat hooks remind me of my primary school - I can almost smell the polish and wax crayons! The tin is a real find - looks just the right size for a nice moist fruit cake - yum.
    Thanks for sharing - I'll try my thrifting luck this weekend and see if I'm as lucky, Lucy xox

  6. Some great bargains. I love a boot sale and can't wait for this sunday when it will be my first of the season!

    I have that exact same tin that came in a set of 3 from a BS! You have great taste! ;)


  7. You’re making some good finds already! I’ve only been to 1 boot sale so far and didn’t buy a thing.

    Victoria x

  8. what lovely finds! I do love a good car boot sale :) so satisfying when you find a bargain!


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