Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pretty Petal Garland

Good morning lovely readers!  Up bright and breezy today and wanted to show you my latest little craftiness.  Now it's not a new idea by any means but it's a first for me and it is something I can do whilst watching the telly.
I've had an old cream tablecloth sitting in my sewing bag for ages, it's a really lightweight soft cotton and perfect for making flowers etc.  I started off with a large flower, I really like how it puffs up.
I made a few more in different sizes and attached them to some old fashioned string which is a lovely rustic kraft colour which I adore.  Think they look rather nice draped over my latest charity shop find.  I plan to use this cup for my soup and rolls, it's huge!  Or better still hot chocolate and marshmallows :o)
Here it is draped over my yet to be painted MDF letters.  You can see the dinky flowers better in this one.  It's not very long as it is only a practice one but am definitely going to make a longer one for my bedroom wall.
Another love of mine at the moment is Butchers String or Baker's Twine as it is also known.  This stuff is everywhere in the crafty world at the moment and can be very expensive but if you buy it direct from catering suppliers it is way cheaper.  It goes rather well with the garland don't you think. 
I'm thinking I may make some flower pompoms by backing two of these together.  Not sure what I would do with them though.  The mini ones would be nice on the front of t-shirts, glued to hair clips or even on the front of my cards.  Guess what I'm going to making more of tonight. 

Thanks for popping by and hope you liked them.


  1. Ohooo Lolo beautiful, I think your garland is so sweet, well done, hey I have yet to do over my letters here too ;0) I have been buying the bakers twine in very small quantities, and yes is pricy, and drooled when I saw all that lovely array of it wrapped around in one of your photographs. May I ask how I would find out how to buy it from the caterers in a big quantity like that, tis one of my favourite things I use for hanging hearts, wrapping gifts etc


  2. Yesterday I brought a flower brooche a bit like the ones you have made, I am going to pop it on a cheap cardi to zaz it up a bit.
    Wish I had seen this post before though, I could have made one, they look

  3. ooooh how pretty :) what a great idea! x


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