Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Basket of bootsale goodies - all for under a tenner!

It was a scorcher last Sunday but we were up with the larks and rummaging by 8am.  Twas the last one for my Aunt who had been over visiting from the states for the past 3 weeks and it turned out to be a real good one for us all.  Are you like me and get really excited if you find something great early on, I do and it puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face, sooo easily pleased!
So here is the basket just brimming over.  I didn't take the stuff out of it for two days as I liked how it all looked and didn't want to disturb it, some may call me slightly mad tee hee.  Are you intriqued, do you want a closer look inside?
This lot was from one lady, the pillow is so lovely and soft and looks brand new.  Think I was drawn to the leg warmers as a throw back from my youth in the eighties!
Not a very good piccie I know, why did I put cream against cream, doh!  The two glass candlesticks are to be glued onto some plates for cake stands, the shape and size are just perfect, need to find more of these.
Aren't these bottles just so pretty, can't wait to put single stems of white flowers in them on the kitchen table.
A pot for my herbs, or a Gozunder as my mum and aunt called it.  After looking at them blankly they explained that it was because it went under the bed!  Right, of course, silly me.
And filling up the Gozunder is this lovely stash of vintage cotton reels that were hiding under a nice ladies tressel, I couldn't believe they hadn't been snapped up.  There's even a card of original stocking thread for darning holes in ladies stockings which I find absolutely amazing that they had the paitence to do that.
And so back to the basket which is now bereft of all it's goodies.  The guy I got this from told me it was from his family and nearly 80 years old.  How he could get rid of it in the first place is beyond me, but that is men for ya!  So for a mere £2 I got to take it with me and fill it up as I went round the boot fair.  I kept secretly smiling away to myself at thinking how lucky I was to get it.


  1. Wow !!now those cotton reels were hiding so well, lovely finds love the jug too xx

  2. Beautiful cotton reels, very jealous! (In a friendly way :)!)

  3. WOW! Some absolutely fabulous finds, what a good eye you have.
    The cake stand idea is great, I have lots of vintage glass candle sticks, too many in fact, so I may just borrow that idea, But may I ask, what sort of glue do you use??

  4. Oh I love it all! You lucky thing!! Those cotton reels are worth £10 on their own - I love little touches like the stocking thread. The creamy jug is so pretty - what will you use it for? Lilies? Bright orange and red gerbera?? Why do my local carboots just include toy cars, teddy bears and dodgy make-up?! Lucy xox

  5. Oh bless ya heart, you had a lovely few finds there Karen...your post oozes excitement
    Safe journey to your aunt, you will miss her

    mandi xx

  6. I do love the sound of the glass candlesticks being turned into cakestands, wonderful. Please so show us when its made up...Lucey xx

  7. I think I've forgotton the boot sale feeling it's been so long since I've visited one.

    Victoria x

  8. Gorgeous finds and you are not mad as I also leave things in bags or packaged up if they look pretty, it adds to the excitement for some reason :-) Those glass bottles you got are also good to keep olive oil (or any oil) in.


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