Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tap, tap go the keys, ding goes the bell!

For a girl who learnt to type way before anything remotely computerised was on the scene, you just can't beat the sound of an old fashioned typewriter! All that tapping away of the keys makes me think I'm writing some literary masterpiece even though in reality I am knocking out a shopping list to take to town with me!  They always evoke images of novelist or journalist sat at an old wooden table in a country farmhouse typing away oblivious to all that goes on around them.
So when at a recent bootsale with my mum I got a lovely surprise when I saw a typewriter in the distance and headed straight for it. It was sitting there all proud on top of a table with it's case and some old fashioned carbon paper by it's side. That's how we did photocopying back then for you young things out there :o)
My fingers went straight to the keys and started typing, it worked, perfectly, wow! Had to have it. The sticky label said £2, surely not. The nice man came over to me, 'are you interested in that old thing?'. Yep I said, does that say £2. 'Yes' he replied. Sold I said. He packed it all way in it's carry case and couldn't believe that people actually still used typewriters.
So here it is.  Tis a Vintage Olivetti Dora c.1965 and in mint condition. Both colours on the ribbon work and the bell tings gently to remind you you are near the margin, I love that sound so much. 
Tucked inside the case were some old letters dating back to early 1980s and typed by a Squadron Leader from RAF Brampton which must have been the lovely man who sold it to me.  I commented to my mum at the time how well spoken and smart he was.  I imagine he had this typewriter from almost new and I love it even more now knowing some of it's past.
Do you like vintage typewriters or even have one of your own.  Not only are they great to use they make brilliant props for photographs and no doubt mine will be cropping up a whole lot in future pictures of crafty creations :o)
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  1. Oh what a lovely story Karen!
    I never learnt to type....one of my regrets! { Oh how I hate that word!!}
    When I was at school, a million years ago, we had to stay on to learn typing in the 6th form! Well that was that cos dumbo here didn't stay on ha ha Should try to learn as the concept fascinates me! Someone once said though it would be virtually impossible for me to learn as Im so used to glancing at the keys. I've picked up a fairly good speed, from when I worked in sales, but, not accuracy is hit n miss hehehe

    Enjoy your typewrite I think its FAB and too love the noise

    mandi Aged 46 hehe

  2. I was eyeing up a typewriter at the boot sale Sunday I have to admit.

    Victoria xx

  3. I had a littel toy typewriter when I was small - it was one of my favourite things and I loved the 'ting' too. Seem to remember it being quite hard on my fingers though.


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