Thursday, 24 June 2010

This and That

See what football and sunshine does, it sidetracks me that's what.  My poor computer has been sat in its office all on it's lonesome wondering if I will ever love it again! LOL  Don't know about you but I was so relieved after Englands match yesterday, phew is all I can say.  The only downside is their match against Germany on Sunday kicks off whilst I am volunteering at the CS!!  Hmmm, think some negotiation is gonna be called for :o)

Next topic, bread.  I love it, all of it, especially homebaked.  Like a lot of people I have a bread machine but there is just something about the bread that comes out of it that I just don't like much.  Plus you don't get to feel the dough.  So I've gone all traditional and inspired by that lovely baker man on Mary Queen of Shops I made my first freestyle loaf at the weekend.

Ta Da!  Do you like it?  Twas rather yummy and didn't last long so have been making one nearly every day now.  Some are better than others, but I'm learning and there are some great tips and recipes on the web.  And a bonus is your upper arms get a great workout to boot!

A little card was made using my new vintage furniture stamp set from Docrafts.

And I've finally got this hamper out of the shed to restore for my niece.  Tis only a year late, but all good things take time I tell her ;o)  I've already cleaned and taken the dividers out and found some lovely check material for the lining.  When she's got it I can post some more piccies as I know she reads my blog.
So, I've made friends with my PC again and updated my ghost town blog.  I think I deserve a nice cuppa and some bread and jam ;o)  Thanks for popping by.

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  1. Bread looks delish Lolo, well done you!
    Hope you get a break to watch the footie on the weekend xx

  2. Mmmmmmmmm that loaf looks fantastic, now I'm feeling so hungry I'm going to go downstairs and have a cheese sarnie! xx

  3. I dread to ask what you thought of Englands game Sunday!

    Victoria x


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