Monday, 12 July 2010

Pretty parcels and cute puppy

Afternoon to you all.  Bit grey here in the UK today, quite a shock after all the glorious sunshine we've been having, had to go and get myself a cardi to put on!   So whilst it is a bit cooler in the craftroom thought i would share some lovely goodies that I was lucky enough to win over at Victoria Rose Crafts.  Rose has a lovely blog, pop on over and pay her visit.

All wrapped in up in tissue and with a card, just lovely.

And look what loveliness lay inside them!  She personally made the slippers to fit my big feet which was so sweet of her and you can just about see the hairband at the back which I wore in the garden whilst hanging out the washing!  I'm particularly looking forward to playing with the yummy fabric and tilda card stuff.  Thank you again for your generosity Rose. x

Okay, so do you wanna see the cutest puppy ever?

Just look at that face!!!  His name is Archibald and he belongs to a friend.  They've had him a week already and he is now 10 weeks old, I think?  Isn't he the cutest ever.  I want one, oh how I want one of these, but unfortunately I don't think my 3 little minxes (cats) would be best pleased!  So I'll have to get my fix with this one won't I.  He's gonna be one super loved doggie.

Ooh how handsome does he look here.  He's gonna have all the ladies after him!

Oi!  These are my toys, go get your own, lol.

I could go on about Archie for ever and a day but I don't want all my lovely readers drifting off with boredom at my repetiveness so I shall stop here :o)

Do you have any special four legged (or other) friends?  What are their names?  Do leave me a comment, I always enjoy reading through them and try my best to pop round for a visit. xx

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  1. What a fab win and oh that puppy is so cute! My dogs get on well with my cat so there may be hope for you :-)

  2. My dog is on pretty good terms with the hens but I think a cat would be asking too much!
    You have made me 'puppy broody' now, what a cutie!

  3. Goodness I want to kiss and cuddle that pup, he is lovely

  4. What a lovely puppy!! I don't have any pets but I think the hubby is hankering after a puppy!
    I think we should wait untill the baby is born and a bit bigger though, just think of the brownie points we will score!!!

  5. ooooooh i want to kiss his little nose, he's so pretty, i think i wubs him so i'm going to go now and think of ways to dogknap him lol.

  6. Aww I want one too, he's gorgeous..!
    I know what you mean about cats, I have four again now we have Milo. I would have a houseful if I could. Em xxx

  7. I have two cats, Eric and Ernie. I love them to bits. Ernie sleeps on my feet at night. Eric wakes me up by putting his nose really close to my face. Ernie is lying on his back with his legs in the air as I write this. He's such a flirt. Eric is looking at him in disgust. Em xx


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