Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Birthday Boy Cards

So twas the nephews turn yesterday, 19 years and getting more handsome every year.  Being a boy he doesn't do all that fluffy party stuff and just wanted to veg with his mates in front of the Lord of the Rings Triology!  At least we were allowed to give him cards, magic ones again as he is saving for some swish new telly.  His old one is newer and better than my main one in the lounge, there's something wrong somewhere lol.

Can you tell what football team he supports?

Now this card may not make sense to those of us less trendy mortals who are over the age of 20, but basically Penguin is apparently a cool brand of clothing for the boys!  I think he found it amusing.

And lastly, what every guitar playing man should have, why a guitar themed card of course!

I hope you liked them all.  I still have two more birthdays this month, most of our families fall in July or November.  We're like buses, none for ages then loads arrive all at once :o)

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  1. Lovely cards and glad you explained the penguin, I didn't know it was a brand of clothing! xx

  2. Boys cards are so hard - you did well xx
    As fo the penguin - I am young enough to understand NOT!!!!

  3. Lovely cards! Cool idea with the Penguin. Have a sweet day!

  4. fab cards, you're very talented and alas i'm over 20 so haven't heard of penguin (only pingu lol)


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