Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cath Kidston Bedding - John Lewis Specials

Yes I'm still alive and thought I'd share some bargains for all you Cath Kidston fans out there.

Currently John Lewis have over 30% off the following bedding sets:

Cath Kidson Classic Rose Duvet Set - Double down from £66 to just £45!  They have Kingsize £50 and Superking £55 too.  Click here for more info.

Cath Kidston Summer Blossom Duvet Set - Double down from £66 to just £45!  They have Kingsize £50 and Superking £55 too.  Click here for more info.

And they all come with free delivery and returns.  I just love shopping with JL.

Other CK news is they are relocating their distribution centre to larger premises in Cambridgeshire and get this, it is going to have a factory outlet attached to it!!  I can't wait.

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  1. I current CK distribution premises are 6 miles from my house!! Are they moving from Godmanchester?

  2. Oh please keep us updated on CK coming to Cambridge..!

  3. You're very naughty! I've just ordered one which now means a total change of colour scheme for my spare room! xx

  4. oh my - that is exciting news!!!

  5. Ooh they are lovely - and woop woop for the Cambs dist centre with outlet - I live in Cambridgeshire so hope it is near me :-)

  6. You are like a pretty bargain HAWK! i love it :D xx

  7. Hi Karen
    Fantastic bedding

    Dunno whats gone wrogn but you havent been coming up on my dashboard :(
    I did email you the other week, maybe that didnt reach you either? Sorry hun, Ive missed all your creations, so off to look
    Ive been a bit absent myself but cant understand how Ive not seen you
    Hope you well TC hun
    mandi xx

  8. Wow! thanks for sharing...I bought one set before I went to uni last year and it cost me a fortune! Just found your blog, love it! xx

  9. Hi hun
    I got you a pack of 12x12 Kraft £5.95
    Let me know if you want it..NOT a problem if you dont
    Not sure if you have been getting me mails?

    Hope you well
    mandi x


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